Gina and Casey

Here are a couple of updated pictures I took of Gina (my 4 1/2 going on 14 year old) and Casey (2 1/2 who is too smart for his britches year old). Hope you enjoy.

Casey is mad about something so he is sitting pouting and the first one he is saying his favorite mad work “stupid”. Now he is whispering it at this point cause he knows it is a “bad word” and he isn’t supposed to be saying it.

Apparently Casey wasn’t feeling well so he fell asleep on the floor on his Dog-dog while I was with Gina at her gym/dance class that she just started and absolutely loves (which to be honest with ya surprised me).

Now this is Casey’s new headboard which we got a a thrift store for $3.18. Yep nothing wrong with it, wasn’t that dirty. GOOD DEAL!!! I am proud of that one!


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