Remembering Noni

So for those of you out there that knew my Noni (aka Grandma/ Rose ). I thought I would share some pics of her. She went to be with our Lord yesterday evening. Noni was 92 1/2 years old and lived a long, productive, proud life. She came to America in 1947, leaving all of her family back in small town outside of Naples, Italy and married my Grandpop Mussano. She told the story she came with $7 in her pocket, of which $5 was used for the passage ticket. She was one of the last set of people to come through Ellis Island, where she was quarantined for Malaria. In 1949 she had my father and then in later years my Aunt Anna Marie and Aunt Linda. She didn’t know any English but learned through her friends/family and children (my father did not speak English when he went to Kindergarten).  As those of you who knew her she was a great baker of bread and cookies, and a hard worker, and cheap (guess me and my dad get it honest!). But she taught us all that hard work is what the Lord wants us to do and that it gets the best outcome. So I have some pics of Noni, old and new to share with y’all.

This is the picture Grandpop Mussano had of Noni that he took back to America with him after WWII, not sure how old she is here.

She loved growing her HUGE tomatoes that she made her own sauce from. She had the GREENEST THUMB!

This is the family at Noni’s 90th birthday party.

Hope y’all enjoy!


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