Take me home country roads…..

So this past weekend I made the trip with the kids to West Virginia to visit with family and friends and we went to the Clay Center in Charleston. It was neat, the kids had a good time and we didn’t have any major melt downs (well until the end but that is OK cause we were leaving any way). So here are some pics from that trip as well as the Easter Bunny made a visit to Gina and Casey’s Preschool. Enjoy!

The third picture down is Casey pushing this button that made air come out of the pipes and he would but a ball on top and when it would stay because the air was pushing it he would go “OOOOOoooooo”. It was too funny!!! I had to add that little tid bit to make you smile.

This is me and Rach, who I have known since we moved to Elkview, when I was two years old. She is prego with her third girl and drove in from Texas. We went to the Clay Center with her and her two little girls.

These are the kiddos, wore out by the day!

Here is the Easter Bunny pics from school.

After Casey got his lollipop from Easter Bunny he sat on his favorite fire truck place and ate it.


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