green-ish thumb

So Gina and I have started some plants from seeds (which by the way I do not have the best record with). I saw this “green house container” either in magazine or online somewhere. I truly can not remember where though. Anyway, supposedly you can start seeds in the middle of winter in snow and the plants will grow in these things.

Take either gallon or half gallon jugs of milk or OJ (I happen to have a lot of both since I have OJ and Milk addicts in my house). Cut them open or in half just below the handle. Then poke holes in the bottom (I think I did about 5 in each bottom). Put in some soil, moisten the soil with water, poke holes for larger seeds (Gina and I used an un-sharpened pencil), just sprinkle the smaller seeds on soil, then cover lightly with more soil.

I have found that if I pour water over the smaller seeds after I cover them with the soil they tend to “float up to the surface” and are no longer covered by the dirt. So I make sure the soil is good and moistened before.

Then tape the top back on with duct tape (cause duct tape can fix anything right?!) and make sure you leave the lid off for air to flow. Place the jug in spot that gets lots of sunshine and wait to see what will grow. Done, easy! OH and make sure you label what is in it cause if you are like me you aren’t gonna now one little green leaf from another!


I have to say that I checked on the growth progress and my lettuce is amazing, the basil is coming up, but the squash  and cucumbers aren’t really doing anything. I do not know if it is the cheap soil I bought or what. The weather hasn’t been that cold lately so…. But anyway it was a fun thing to do with Gina and we will see how it comes a long. I will keep you up to date.



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