Yesterday we took the kids to Zern’s, a flea market about 45 minutes south west of here. It is indoor and outdoor and you can find everything from meat, fish, poultry, candy, craft supplies, old toys, comics, clothing, shoes, furniture, junk, collectibles, & food. I was a little concerned at first cause my allergies have been horrible, especially in my eyes making it hard to even keep them open. But miraculously when we got there and started walking around the outside part (cause we thought the rain would be here in the afternoon) my eyes didn’t bother me at all.

So after getting the kids a couple of $1 toys from the “junk” area we had a late lunch and then started perusing the inside market. I came across one vendor with some decent looking cast iron skillets and while I was inspecting a smaller sized one the gentleman vendor said “I also have two flat bottomed dutch ovens if you are interested”.

WHAT? well of course I am I thought, but having looked at quit a few dutch ovens with horrid rust places I didn’t get too excited. Then I opened the lid and to my wonders what did I see?……NO RUST! And even a nice shine like it had been recently oiled. I flipped it over to inspect the bottom and again there was no rust. I thought, wow this can’t be happening. I inspected the lid and while there are two little spots of rust I thought OK I can remove those easy enough.

So after telling Gina what it was and keeping an eye out for Brian (who had taken some things to the van) I tentatively asked Mr. Vendor “How much?”   He said it was “$65 but I will give it to you for $55”. SOLD brother!!!!

I still can’t believe I got a flat bottom cast iron dutch oven with a domed lid (instead of the usual flat lid) with only two little rust spots on the lid for $55. (I have already cleaned and re-oiled the lid so no more rust remains.

So I had to share cause these go for $300-$400 brand new. I have to figure out what I am gonna braise in it, so any suggestions let me know!!!!  *And if you are wondering why a domed lid is better, it gives you more space to go up in your oven, convenient if you have a high standing roast.


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