Vacation at last!

I haven’t been on a true vacation since I was 5 months pregnant with Gina 5 years ago, when we went on a cruise in Hawaii. Needless to say being prego I couldn’t do a lot of stuff…couldn’t drink at all… and basically do not remember much of it (those of you who are momma’s know what I am talking about when I say prego brain!).Since the kids have come along we mostly vacation down to Florida to see my folks who live in Plant City, FL the strawberry capital of the south. Which is nice cause it’s free and we don’t get to see them often, but I wanted something different this year.


I remember going to the Outer Banks, NC as a kid and spending the day on the beach and eating chips and teddy grahms and reading and sight seeing and having fun. And since my hubbs and children have never been to NC I thought lets do it. So after trying to get it together with my Uncle and cousin, which unfortunately just didn’t work out. We just picked the house and booked it.


I did research the house and found the best deal of course, cuz let’s face it I am still a cheap b*#!h and proud of it. But I found a nice house on the beach road in Kitty Hawk for the latter part of July. I am so excited and already looking up the light houses and the aquarium and the Wright Brother museum (Casey will love the airplanes).


If any of y’all out there have a favorite eating place or sight seeing place that is family (with small children) friendly I would love the suggestions!!!


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