Fruit and Nut ball Snacks

So I found this recipe when I was doing a “cleanse diet”, of which lasted a week. If God intended ME to be a vegan than I would be. Seeing as I am not (and I have nothing against those that are it’s all cool to me) I did not last on veggies and fruit alone.

HOWEVER! I did taste some wonderful vegg meals and fruit snacks that I have added to my repertoire. Especially since there are days when I have vegetarian dinners (that’s my sorta cleanse). I digress…..

So this next recipe was a snack and it is darn good, especially if you are craving something sweet but still want to be good in your eating choices. And one or two balls is all I can do, as they are rich, but a serving is actually 5 walnut sized balls.


  • 1 cup dried fruit
  • 1cup nuts (supposed to be raw but I don’t do raw)*if you have raw and want more flavor toast them in dry skillet over medium heat till you can smell them
  • dash to 1 tsp cinnamon or cayenne (depending on taste preference)

*In this batch I actually used vinegar and salt almonds cause that’s what was in the pantry, the batch before I used sweet chipolte almonds they had a nice warmth to the sweetness of the fruit.

Toss fruit in food processor pulse till kinda forms a ball (you want it to be sticky and small-ish pieces). Remove fruit from food processor transfer to bowl Now add nuts to food processor and pulse till small in size.

Put in bowl with nuts and mix together till incorporated. This is the point you may want to add seasoning, cinnamon is what the recipe called for but I found I liked a dash or two of cayenne.  You are gonna have to use your hands on this one, it needs to be mushed together. (And yes mushed is what I said, or if you rather Moooshed). Now pinch off walnut sized pieces and roll into balls, store in air tight container in  your pantry, cupboard, or cabinet and enjoy at your leisure.

How weird my hand looks in this picture! 🙂



Use whatever dried fruit you like. The first batch I made was dried pineapple, kiwi, and mango it was so good. Enjoy!!!


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