Winter vs. Spring Hobbies

So part of the reason I have no time to get blogs published is I am trying to finish up this quilting class I started back in February. It is a sampler quilt (meaning the blocks are different patterns) and having children doesn’t exactly leave you with a lot of time to cut and sew. Any how, I have finally finished all the blocks, but I have not done all the corner stones nor have I gotten to (or will get to) the border, binding, setting triangles, and backing. I will finish it come fall, when it is cooler weather and we are not going to be outside as much. Plus I am endeavoring to hand quilt this queen sized quilt so it will take time too.

I wanted to show you all the work I have done on the blocks, because I am quit proud of it. It there is anyone out there who would like to directions (step by step) on any or all of the blocks just let me know I can get them to you. This was the first one we did. It is called Rail Fence.

This is called Court House Steps.

This is called Double Churn Dash (I could have made them different colors but I wanted it like this).

This is called Ohio Star.

This is called Bear’s Paw (I think it is modified because the whole paw is not one color).

This is called Sunrise Star.

This is called 8 Pointed Star (Is my favorite to look at but my least favorite to actually do).

This is called Pinwheels (was my favorite one to do).

  This is called 54-40 or Fight. (this was a campaign slogan for President Polk that was on his signs/banners).

  This is called Wild Goose or Flying Geese. (I rather enjoyed this one).

This is called Double T.

This is called Scrap Basket. (I messed up on the bottom triangle but made due with what I had).

This is called Snowflake.

This is the Lattice that will go around all blocks to connect them to make the top of the quilt.

I will post my spring hobby pictures in another post. Remember if anyone wants to directions on any of these blocks just let me know. Enjoy!


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