Friends, family, weekend tasks

Thought I would share some pics from last weekend and this weekend. I went to Pittsburgh to help my Dad, Aunt, and little brother start going through my Noni’s house. We did a good job, got rid of the trash, but man is there still a lot more stuff! I guess if I had lived through WWII and was poor most of my life, I would buy stuff on sale thinking one day one of my kids or grandkids would need it also. No joke y’all! My Dad and brother both walked away with brand new, never opened toaster from just one closet.

This is one of the more crazy things we found in a closet. Apparently Noni was prescribed this by her doctor in the 70’s because she was having pain in her neck. You attach it to the top of your door frame and hang from it to elongate your neck!

This is a Flying Nun lunch box, in just about perfect shape. Must have been my Aunt Linda’s, it’s kinda cool I think. I remember watching re-runs of that show.

This is the old family camera. My Dad said he can remember taking picture with it. And I got a lot of those pictures, which I will be scanning and posting some of them. Especially the ones from when my great grand parents came over from Italy in the 1960’s.

Anyway, got to see two of my oldest and dearest friends,  Shelley and Heather, while I was there, and as usual we were the loudest people in the restaurant. Which is as it should be.

Friday Gina and I went to a local farm and picked 4 quarts of strawberries *of which strawberry cobbler recipe will be posted later this week. She also helped me make or rather she squished up the strawberries to make jam. I also got from Noni her canning water bath. She used it to make her sauce, which of course was made from her huge tomatoes she grew.

This is one of Noni’s many peonies that come fall, I will be digging up and transferring back here.

And the rest of these pics are from various things that happened this weekend.  Enjoy!







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  1. Lynnda
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 00:26:38

    Loved the posts and I do remember the neck stretch thing. Imagine there is still lots to go thru but brings back so many memories. Thanks for sharing the pictures as well as the recipies. You have a great week.


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