Sampler Quilt

I took a class back starting in February to learn to make a quilt. I had all the blocks done a while ago and have just decided (or rather found the time) to work on putting it together (the top that is). So here is what I have done so far. I am quite proud of it.

This is the lay out of the blocks and the lattices. I had to fix the bottom right lattice I sewed the corner on backwards. Oops!

I fixed the Oops and also added the corner triangles.

Now I have to sew the rows together and work on the border and the binding and the back. THEN I will have to put the layers together and I am gonna hand quilt it! I bought a stand for my oval hoop. I know it is time consuming but it will be nice to do in the winter when we can’t go outside cause of the cold. I think if I ever endeavor to make another quilt it will either be 8 point stars or the court house steps. We shall see….

I have already decided how I am gonna do Casey’s “comfort” quilt that I am gonna make using all the receiving blankets he has. Plus I have to finish Gina’s comfort quilt (luckily I have it mostly done). When I finish putting this quilt top totally together I am gonna finish Gina’s comfort quilt top (only have the border to put on). It won’t be too hard to finish because it is not going to be quilted, just tied. I will show y’all how that one goes soon.


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