This past February I took a beginners quilting class, which was about 4 months long. We learned how to make what is called a sampler quilt, which is a ‘sample’ of 11 different quilt blocks. I have already posted the blocks that I have finished and I believe them sewn together.

I had started a blanket for my daughter before I took this class, using the sewing knowledge I do have. And I finally finished it, as well as began one for my son. I had so many receiving blankets that I thought this would be a good way to use them. I would love to make a business of this but have no clients as of yet. So if anyone is interested in doing something like this with baby blankets or other materials let me know.

First off is Gina’s blanket.

It is not quilted but tied off, using embroidery thread. My family always called these blankets comforts.

Gina picked out the backing as well as the green binding that has little white butterflies on it.

And here is Casey’s, which is not finished. I have to finish tying it off and put on the binding.

I do have to say I came up with this pattern, I thought since four of the five blankets were light colored this pattern would make the one dark pop. Toot toot my horn!

Both of these are crib sized, great for little ones and good for bigger ones laps.

Gina enjoying her new warm blanket.

And this is Gina in a Halloween mask that she decorated herself. We are big fall holiday people ’round here.



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