Fall Follage times

I must first premise this post with this announcement…..I do not have a fancy camera, I do not have any formal training in photography, I did most of these pictures from my van (some through the front windshield), and I was stopped when taking them (sorta). I do not know if these pictures will capture the beauty that is fall here in upper Bucks County in Eastern Pennsylvania, but I hope it does.

And this if for my friends and family down south where fall is 2 weeks, the leaves turn brown, and it stays hot!

  This is the road before my road, I thought it captured the colors well. And sorry Ben (my little bro) aren’t any pictures of mountains, we aren’t far from them though.

As for this one I know someone’s trash/recycling is in the pic, but at least they recycle!!! I thought the Mum flowers were huge and gorgeous, wish I could have gotten the other side they were purple, my favorite color!

And this one I took because Casey sees these horse (of which we have many horse farms around here) everyday and looks for them. Today they were close to the road (which they usually are not) and he was all excited.

And these pictures were taken this past weekend at a semi-local orchard/pumpkin patch we visit every year. It is actually a the other end of the county, Styer’s orchard. It was the most crowded I have ever seen it, in the 6 years we have been going there.

Annual pictures with kiddos.

They have a nice picnic area and a few things for kids to climb on, we did pack a lunch, it almost blew away the wind was so strong.

In the lower apple orchard

Riding tracker to upper orchard with Gigi (Brian’s mother).

In the upper orchard and pumpkin patch! Which ones will we take home?

Casey got his, too sunny Momma!!


Hope you Enjoy!


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  1. lynnda.kozera@facebook.com
    Oct 17, 2012 @ 20:32:03

    Beautiful photos. The kids are growing up so fast. The trees are changing here as well. Of course that means winter is not too far away. Love the pumpkins. Thanks for sharing.


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