Sitting Here…

Sitting here in my kitchen, imagine that,( where else would I be?), trying to get Gina to go put on her dance clothes. I should be eating because I am about to go to a 2 hour girl scout training or I should be reading some of my Italian lesson to at least keep up. But no I am writing this, seriously avoiding a mental snap, and all of the many things I need to do.

But thought of you who would like to see pictures of the kiddos.

Here is a picture to make you smile. Casey opening a late-ish birthday gift from Aunt Shelley. An actual Buzz Lightyear toy spaceship, of which he promptly said “can I sleep with it?” That is his way of showing how much he loved it, if it goes to bed with him, it is a winner.

Meanwhile….it is pouring here, Gina is still not dressed for dance, oh and Casey is still napping….something I would very much like to do please.

Next we have mister Casey….again…..

CHEESE! as you can see this was a weekend treat, ice cream cone that was hoofed down in a matter of minutes. Can you guess the flavor?

And of course little miss Gina….we won’t forget her….

Of course little miss thang had dessert as well, although she didn’t hoof it down like Casey did.

Well this was just because, I do have some soup and chili recipes, some fall follage pictures, and some pumpkin patch visit pictures a coming.



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