Apple Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Today for lunch I decided to have apple peanut butter sandwiches. My children do not eat sandwiches (I know they are weird, but whatever). They love apples, although Gina has a thing about eating the skin of the apples. So I thought I would try this apple PB sandwich, which I have seen in magazines and other places.


  • Large apple
  • couple Tbsp PB
  • raisins

Slice your apple into thin-sh round, then take out the middle (I used a little pairing knife after I sliced them & I also removed the skin for little Miss picky Gina).


Then smear your PB on each slice, top with raisins (I did two with and two without).

When are they gonna be ready Mommmmmaaaa!

I added a squirt of honey for Gina, she loves honey and apples.

then put the other half on top and they are yummy!

Easy and good and good for ya!



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