Lazy Laundry

Today in Eastern PA, upper Bucks county it is a sunny and warm and glorious Wednesday (how many of you sound out wed-ne-sday, you know you do). OH, and in my household it also means LAUNDRY. Yep so on this lazy laundry day I have been sorting laundry, washing laundry, drying laundry, folding laundry, and ironing what needs to be ironed of the laundry. Plus all the other glorious things I get to do daily, like breaking up Casey and Gina fighting, telling them to stop yelling, getting Bubba a “dwink please”, getting Gina a snack, then telling her 5 minutes later no you just had a snack.

So yeah, as you can see it’s a lazy laundry day.

By the way I actually do enjoy doing laundry, I hide myself in my little yellow, but still cute and tasteful, laundry/mud room and meticulously fold the clothes. And yes I do admit that I am neurotic about folding clothes but hey every one has their quirks, right?

So while I have been just laying around on this lazy day I took some pics of the kiddos and the foliage, and this pink popcorn looking bloom on a tree in the backyard.

Casey doing his “homework” while Gina was doing her’s, he was drawing people but you can’t really see because it’s a pink pencil.

If anyone knows what the heck this is, please let me know. It looks like pink popcorn. Sorta looks like a cherry blossom as well, but more solid, I have never seen it before.

And here is Dorothy the masked princess walking on the grey brick road. And her trusty sidekick, Bubba the camouflage munchkin.

Oh yeah, I forgot! During my laziness I started to rake up leaves in the backyard, and jumping and sliding into them ensued.

Up next part of our lunch today, apple peanut butter sandwiches!




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