The Perfect Storm…from Chicago

Apparently history does repeat itself, sort of. I am sitting in my brother in law’s Chicago condo while the sun is shining here the glorious storm named Sandy is making it’s way up the east cost, no doubt as many of you have heard nothing but about it. I do feel badfor my mother in law, Gigi, who is back home inupper Bucks county,PA, with the kiddos. (And from this mornings report my 8lovely little hellions are up to their old tricks, meaning fighting, screaming, yelling, ect.).  While I had hoped they would be better for Gigi than they usually are for me, apparently not.

So far on this trip (which looks like will be longer than we had planned) we have been dined and wined, so to speak. Last nights dinner and cocktails was at Zeb 451, where we enjoyed delicious cocktails (strawberry martini, ginger vodka lemonaide, blackberry martini, and sangria were consumed).  We also ate 4 different kinds of steak cut straight from the skewer they were cooked on, also chicken, pork belly, venison, duck, as well as cheeses, salami,and other saladtype foods. Brian is still full from all he ate, and he got ahappy birthday peanut butter dessert.

Tonight is the big Halloween event, pictures will be taken, as this isserious business here. We are apparently going to 2 bars to enter contests, and seeing that the group of friends that Brian and I will be joining of my brother in law, are the reigning champs, we will be


This year the theme is the circus, complete with half man and woman, a monkey organ grinder, ring topleader and mistress, a gypsy fortune teller, clown and about 8 others. So stay tuned.

Now I want to share with you a few of the many Halloween decorations that adorn this condo.


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