Hurricane in Chicago

So as you can see this post was started Monday, it is now Friday and I made it back home. Brian and I drove from Chicago to Clarion, PA,where my Aunt Anna lives  we spent the night. We then started the shorter part of the trek,but turned out to be the longest. Let me give you the short and sweet version…we crossed over theNew Jersey state line we entered Bedlem. No gas, spotty electric, roads closed every where, and I had to pee. After basically breaking down in a car with1/8 a tank of gas and no wwhere to fill up, I had visions of squating on the side of the highway…finally the hubbs pulled into a hotel parkinglot, where I jumped out and ran to the doors. The lady at the door must have seen the sheer panic on my face when I askedif they had a bathroomI could use. She smiled and said yes, and I then gave her my first born… well no exactly.

The staff at this hotel, which only had generator power, were so nice. They let us stay in the lobby till hubbs cousin could bring us his snow blower gas so we could drive backk to PA, fill up the car, and drive home to my babies. We made it home kids were sleeping, but I still squeezed them and then passed out in my own sweet glorious bed. We fortunately have power and no real damage fromthis storm. We are lucky and pray for those not so lucky.

Previously written….

Today we weresupposed to leave Chicago, instead I am sitting here watching the weather channel and really wishing I was home with my babies. My wonderful brother in law, Drew, is happily staying home from work today, trying to figure out where to take us today, in part to keep the stormoff my mind and to entertain us.

Unfortunately, it is cold so our “outdoor events” are limited and my hubbs wants to do a haunted house tour….normally yes I would. However, since my babies are 12 hours away (and in the very capable hands of my mother in law, brother in law, & sister in law) and I still do not know how we are getting home yet, a haunted house is not exactly on my list of things to do right now.

So decisions were made and we are just gonna walk around this glorious city….meanwhile praying for albeing hit right now with this storm, will post pics of city and our adventures.


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