After Thanksgiving Casseroles

So all the turkey day festivities are done, and there are tons of leftovers. Personally I can only eat the same leftovers once maybe twice and then I am sick of it. So I will be sharing my thanksgiving day Shepard pie-ish casseroles here in a few days. They are easy and freeze beautifully for later in the year.

In my house Thanksgiving weekend is when the Christmas tree goes up and all the decorations come out (mostly because when I was in college I would be home to do it for my mother). So that is what we have been doing these past few days. I have two trees in my house, one for all the hodge podge ornaments we have collected through the years and one for my Barbie ornaments. I will post pics of both.

I hope you all had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends these past few days and remember Christmas is a time about giving not recieving (as my children have already witnessed and participated in with giving new toys to Toys for Tots box in our local grocery store). I hope to pass on some holiday dishes and cookies to you all, as well as fun pics of the kids of course.


P.S. Pictures of trees and such to come soon!


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