Trip to Philadelphia

So here are the pictures from our trip last week to Philadelphia, the big city. I must say we had 6 kids all 5 or under and they all did very well. We were all exhausted by the end of our trip, but nothing major happened and we all survived.


P1040348 P1040346 This is the train ride into town.


P1040384 P1040382This is the train ride back home, was way crowded but some kind men let us sit with the kids. Little Maria was hungery.

P1040379I took a picture of this near city hall, is obviously a memorial to firefighters, and we think of Pop when we see this. Not to mention Dave is a volunteer fire fighter and Brian begins fire fight school in January so he too can be a volunteer.

P1040376This is the artistic shot the gentleman that took the pic did.

P1040375 To be honest with you I totally thought the LOVE sign was way bigger than it is. P1040374This is city hall, with William Penn statue on top.

P1040365The grand finale of the Wannamaker’s light show. Yes I know these are in backward order but hey it is what it is.

P1040364 P1040363

And we will go through the Charles Dicken’s village in backward order too, because I am too impatient to go back and re-upload the pictures in the correct order, dang it!

P1040361 P1040360 P1040358 P1040357 P1040356 P1040355 P1040354 P1040353 P1040351 P1040350

Well now if you want to come for a visit and do this with us, let me know. UP next Grandma’s cherry wink cookies. I will join the holiday cookie recipe bandwagon!!!!




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