I have an illness….

Some would say that I have an illness, in fact the hubbs has said it more than once in our almost 10 year marriage. I however just figure it is being a good cleaner (I know that isn’t proper grammar). So what is this illness I speak of? Well there is no official diagnosis, so we will call it Nook-n-cranny Cleanitis (NCC). What prey tell is that? Well it is the need to clean the nooks and crannies of things that clean my house and clothes. As the hubbs says it is OCD’s evil step sister.

Let me show you what I mean…




This is my vacuum cleaner, or as I say it sweeper, which needed the bag changed. So I opened the top to find a hole in the bag and dust bunnies. I screamed Yew, and then set upon the task of cleaning it out. Why would you want to try and suck up dirt, when you are spewing the debris back into the air?

So I simply wiped out the dust…simple effective….

It is how I role.

Let me share the other washing item that has to be clean for me to feel content with the world…my clothes washing machine. Yes that is right, why or how can you possibly think that your clothes are getting clean when there is built up gunk all around it? Like my mother, I love her sand she taught me how to wash clothes, however the state of her washing machine….I shudder.


Mine however has just gotten a nice wipe down with a towel, using the water from the previous wash cycle. Nothing fancy here people. I do use some Simple Green to wipe down the outside, and top of my dryer too.





So yes I have NCC and yes you may never visit this site again, but I feel free, free as a bumble bee.

And goodnight and ENJOY!

P.S. Up next another Christmas cookie recipe,  Holly Bush Cookies (for G’s Daisy troop Christmas meeting)


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