I am not afraid to admit…

I am not afraid to admit that when it comes to having a cold I will wait till I feel like death to take medication. And I have a thing about those nasal sprays, just can not do it. But last night I had already taken my OTC cold med and still felt like death. So my loving hubbs begged me to try the nasal spray we had in med cabinet, that he swears is the bomb. Since I love him and did not want to disappoint him, and because I just wanted to sleep, I said alright.

Now remember, I do not do nasal sprays. please do not laugh, ok well go ahead it is funny…..the hubbs had to hold my arms down while I closed my eyes and he sprayed my nose, twice! I kid you not I physically could not spray my own nose. It was like having Vicks vapor rub up my nose, and while it did clear my nasal passages up for a while I woke myslef up at 2am snoring, it hadworn off.

So moral of this rant….you can bet I will not be using nasal sprays anytime soon, I think I will just go back to being miserable till my body works the virus out.



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