Where is it????

I have a funny story for ya, but first update on nasal spray issues…

I HATE, no I am sorry I am not supposed to say hate (that is what I tell the kids), I really really really dislike nasal sprays. I may have mentioned that before. Having said that I went and got myself some good ole fashioned, Equate brand day and night time dayquill type medication. Cheap, effective, my savior! Last night was first real sleep I have had since this cold started last Friday. No thanks to you mister nasal spray..

So my funny story is one you probably have done yourself….no?  well then have a laugh on me.

Earlier today I  made dinner and the hubbs had bathed and taken Gina and Casey to Gina’s gymnastics class. I was going to go to Kohl’s to look for these last two items that the hubbs wanted to get the kids, some game and a book about stinky face for the C man (hubbs thought it appropriate since Casey tends to name everyone  something that has to do with body function of some sort, guess it’s a boy thing). So I thought let me go to this one location and then I can go down the road little father to an awesome grocery store, Wegman’s. More on the awesomeness of this store at a later time.

So I made my list of things to get at the stores I was planning on attending. I picked up the list, went to turn off some lights, and then went to go pick up my cell phone. But it wasn’t on the kitchen counter, where I thought I had laid it. I looked in the living room (even though I had not set foot in that room all day), then I went into the powder room, laundry room, computer room, up the stairs to my bedroom….nothing. WHERE DID IT GO????

I checked my purse, all the little pockets, nothing. Meanwhile I still had the list I wrote out in my left hand……I spent close to 5 minutes doing this wondering aloud WHERE DID IT GO????

Can you guess? Would you like me to share where I found my cell phone, 5 minutes later? Wait for it…..wait for it…

IN MY LEFT HAND! Yup right there next to the list!




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