Christmas Jello from PW

As I sit here after completing two days of full on cooking, well make it 4 days. I actually started baking Thursday because I am not a very good, much less confident baker, so my nerves could only take one baking recipe per day.

Any-who, I have completed, some successful, some not,( but more on the not later), 7 recipes for this holiday. Noni’s torchet cookies (I posted previously), Noni’s biscotti cookies,5 dozen meatballs and sauce, a large 5 layer lasagna, Pioneer Woman recipe for cheesy olive bread, and PW bacon appetizer. Plus this recipe, which is also from the Pioneer Woman (next to Paula Deen, I would love to meet her and see her family’s ranchanyone got a good hook up on that dream?).

Now this recipe was fairly easy as long as you seriously, seriously allow yourself the time.  I have to admit I did not take but a finished product picture of this one, mostly because I will be giving you the link to The Pioneer Woman’s site, where she has detailed photos. And seeing as I do not have a professional camera, nor do I use Photoshop I figured this option would be better for you. So go to this link for recipe and how to.  

(It does work! I have even impressed myself, being a self proclaimed computer illiterate!)

Now I do admit mine is not perfect even thickness layers because my dish is apparently warped. It does taste yummy and look cool.

P1040510(The hubbs took this picture, he tried to get all artsy-fartsy on me, and yes I am wearing one of Noni’s old aprons!)

I have already decided come Halloween I am making a version using orange and black cherry flavors and for opening day of Gator football orange and blue-raspberry. Ooh, I just thought perfect for the 4th of July would be strawberry and blue raspberry too.

Any-who, I know I still owe you Noni’s biscotti recipe and maybe tomorrow I will get to it seeing as I am done preparing major recipes for possibly the next 48 hours. And have I mentioned my fingers and hands smell like garlic and onions, no matter how much I was them? Just saying…..



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