Noni’s Biscotti cookies

I have invented a new version of this recipe. It is now called Noni’s Biscotti Cake! Well that is what I told myself as this recipe was an epic FAIL! This was my most worrisome recipe I attempted this holiday season, and for good reason. As with the torchet cookie recipe it was written down as my aunt watched Noni make it, so things were not measured in the exact sense that most baking is. Which for a non-baker type like me usually spells disaster.

Having said that I have decided that I am not going to share the written down recipe, simply because it did not work. I suggest you go online and find one with exact, tried and true measured ingredients. I will one day, after I have worked through the trama that was this baking experience attempt this recipe again, hopefully remembering that the dough needs to be much, much stiffer.

I will share the pictures I took with you though, so you too can share in my trauma.

P1040472This is the dough that I thought was stiff enough.

P1040473I made it into a nice log shape thinking they would be perfect size. Then this happened…..

P1040474And the biscotti cake is born!

P1040475I did cut it up and re-bake them.

P1040476The hubbs said they taste good. I did dip one side in chocolate, which of course made the hubbs say they were even better.

Well that is it for this Christmas holiday! I wish you all a wonderful, safe, happy Christmas holiday!

For New Year’s I will be sharing a Short/Mussano family tradition. My mother’s cabbage rolls, which has a quarter in one for new year good luck with money!



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