Snow Day

Here in Eastern PA we got some snow yesterday, about 3 maybe 4 inches total. The weather man said it would start by 7am, so when I woke up around that time and looked out the window to a huge pile of nothing, I was little disappointed. But then I perked up when I thought good now I can make it to my Pilates class, which I enjoyed and am actually sore, since Sharon thought I was ready for some more intermediate moves!

So I went to my 11am class, and it was not snowing or sleeting or raining, nothing, just cold. About 15 minutes into my mat class, Sharon shouts OOH it’s snowing! And it was, it was coming down pretty good. Then it started coming down harder, I mean blizzard hard. And 45 minutes later, when my stomach muscles refused to work anymore and my mat class was done, I walked outside to a white out!

Now, if some of you do not know this, I lived in Western New York state for about 4 1/2 years. I lived literally half way between Rochester and Buffalo, in a little town called Le Roy (pronounced Lay Roy or like we say it Lee Roy).  The hubbs and I were married up there, it is the home of jello (where jello was invented, not where it is made now), and I went to graduate school at SUNY Buffalo. So many a night I drove my little Nissan Altima on the turnpike, behind semi-tracker trailer trucks, no biggie!

Having said that, I am pretty cautious driver in the snow. However, people around here, not so much! I mean really there was maybe a couple of inches on the ground, and just because you have a large truck, does not mean you can go full speed. I loved seeing the large F350 slid into the ditch. Now I am not trying to be mean, I totally would have stopped if I suspected for a second someone was hurt, but as I drove by cautiously I can see the young man on his cell phone looking a little bit embarrassed. I am sure he got out rather easily as the ditch was not that deep, and it was an F350 for Pete’s sake.

When I got home, of course the children wanted to go sledding so the hubbs and I bundled them up, and the hubbs took them to the hill at the end of our street. P1040626I swear the conversation going on here is Casey telling Gina not to run because you will slip and fall and get a head rush.


About 5 minutes later the hubbs texts me saying he should have brought the camera. So you know what happens….I got on my coat and boots and trudged out there. Now he told me to go through the woods because it would be faster. So I did, it was so pretty. (disclaimer, I have a point and shoot camera, I have no photography skills, I wish I did).



There is the hill, it really isn’t that far, but when you are trying to not break your ankle on snow covered fallen trees….


There is the hubbs on the hill. And I can hear the screams of glee.


I didn’t realize that this was Casey’s very 1st time actually snow sledding. Last year we didn’t have much snow and before that he was too little to do it. HE LOVED IT!


And here is the hubbs getting artistic on me with some photos. Kinda neat.

So today it is icy, windy, and very cold. Reminds me of the days in good ole LeRoy, when the winter started every year on Halloween and didn’t stop till middle of May. Yup, I used to like winter.

Hey next up is a tribute to my Grandmother Short, who is with our Lord and all the family that passed before her. The children and I will be traveling to West Virginia to celebrate her long life, almost 96 years. And to have the annual holiday party. So pictures from that will be coming.

And I have a few new wheat free recipes. I just made mocha brownies with pecans, soooooo yummy! Oh and I want to wish all of you who take the time to read this blog, a very Happy New Year!



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