Grandma Short

My Grandmother passed away this week. She would have been 96 years old this March 2nd. She will be missed, but we as a family choose to remember her long life, all that she accomplished, and all that she experienced. I have selected some photos to share with you. Some of them I do not know the dates but all of them show who she was.

Grandma Short, or as my brother and cousins just called her Grandma or Granny, was born Kelsy Baby Boone. And she went by the name Kelsy until…as the story goes, when she went to get her birth certificate, I think to get married, it only said Babe Boone. So from then on she went by the name Babe. She got married to my grandfather, Ralph Short. I always thought that was interesting to be called by what you thought was your Christian given name and then oops sorry you aren’t’ really named that.

She was an excellent cook. She made scratch biscuits like no one else I knew. I remember sitting at the bar in her kitchen as she would make the dough, using an old aluminum measuring cup to cut them out, and stealing the little left over pieces and eating them. The dough was so salty and tangy, but made the best biscuits that we would cover with molasses, stewed tomato gravy, or in my case just a huge dollop of butter.

She also had the greenest thumb, in doors and outdoors, with flowers and vegetables. Many a spring and summer we would visit and there would be a water glass on the table for dinner and supper with fresh picked green onions. My son, has inherited the love of a raw green onion. Boiled potatoes with carrots, baked chicken, minute steak (or as some would call it baked chicken fried steak), and her chocolate chip cookies, which would sit in on the washer always with a piece of sandwich bread in the bowl so they would stay soft.

I watched from her house as the family slaughtered the cows each fall, cut and hauled hay in summer, and just hung out on the porch in the evenings. Grandma taught me how to piece together material for a comfort quilt, as well as passed on the love of quilting (which I didn’t fully realize till a couple of years ago).

She lived in the hills of West Virginia all her life as far as I know, she grew up a poor farmer’s daughter, read her bible every day, and showed us children how to work and love hard.

Grandma had 4 children, 9 grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren (with one on the way), and 2 great great grandchildren. All of whom she got to know and spend time with. She will be remembered with love and smiles.

Short_family_BW_41In this picture Grandma is the one sitting, I bet she is about 5 years old. The lady next to her is her grandmother and the lady standing is her mother, Macy. Standing behind to the right is Grandma’s only sibling, Aunt Melisse (who by the way was like my 3rd grandmother, as she lived next to us in West Virginia). The other girl is actually their aunt, Eulala. So I am thinking the lady sitting is her father’s mother, Prudence Boone. (but I may be wrong and will check with the family).

Short_family_BW_10Here she is with mother, Macy, father Chaney, and sister Melisse. At the farm in a valley called Upper Sleith, in the mountains of West Virginia.

Short_family_BW_23Family picture again, this time they are older, teens maybe.

Short_family_BW_06Short_family_BW_00Short_family_COLOR_00Here are my grandparents. This is around 1980, shortly before Grandpa passed.

Short_family_COLOR_13And her we are at the family farm, for Grandpa Boone’s birthday. From left to right my mother, Diane, Randell, Sharron, Grandma, Ronnie, and Great Grandpa Boone. Grandpa came to live with Grandma in the early 1980’s, he did farm work till he couldn’t physically do it anymore. Longevity runs in the family, he was 105 when he passed in 1996.

SHORTxmas2002 US_GmomShortMy wedding almost 10 years ago (this August will be 10 years).

SHORTxmas2002Family Christmas party 2002.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. peacefulpartings
    Dec 31, 2012 @ 01:03:21

    What wonderful stories and photos. May they provide peace and light at a difficult time.


  2. Jolene (
    Jan 03, 2013 @ 04:36:35

    Sorry to hear about your grandma 😦 but what a long life!


    • pantryslueth
      Jan 08, 2013 @ 20:49:22

      Thank you. Yes longevity seems to run in her family, her father lived to be 105 when he died in 1996. She had a quick, peaceful death, and she had family with her. I hope I go as easy as she did!


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