2 hour delay

Last night we got some freezing rain, and while it does look pretty frozen on the tops of the trees (of which I did not take a picture as my camera just doesn’t capture the beauty), it was by no means an ice storm. However, the school district decided to enforce or impose (depending on your view) a 2 hour delay for school, with modified kindergarten. Seeing as Gina is in morning kindergarten, I had to figure out what this meant. With the age of everything being on computer these days, and no one really wanting to talk to you, let you know what is going on, I had to figure out what this meant. It is early, I haven’t had my cup(s) of coffee yet, my body is still in sleep mode, trying to read on the computer screen and find the information just wasn’t happening. So I txt a friend and she pointed me in the right direction of the school district webpage and I eventually found the information on the bottom of a page. But I mean really, in your voice message you couldn’t just say, AM kindergarten will start at 11am and end at 12:40pm today?

So I sit here waiting for the fighting and screaming to start, looking at all the other people who posted on FB that it means more sleep for them, wondering will I be in that club one day? Those that can sleep in a little more because they aren’t being asked for something the minute their foot hits the floor?

Any who, I have some posts to write up on a few dishes I made earlier this week. Pesto parm roasted cauliflower, which I am gonna morph into a wheat-less pizza crust as well.

I do you hope that you keep warm, I know I will be trying to keep warm. Hello middle of winter. I have already started thinking of spring planting, I think I am gonna start saving my milk gallons. I think that last springs seedlings started in milk jugs worked pretty good (go look in hobbies & stuff for this). I know basil will be planted, but do y’all have any ideas on other seeds that I could plant this year. I tried squash last year, may again. Shout out some veg or herb for me to try this year!P1020241Here is a picture from January of last year, look at those rosie cheeks!



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