The big freeze

Here in Bucks county, Eastern PA, we are in a deep freeze weather pattern. However, the sun is shining brightly (though a few puffy clouds hide it at times), and seeing as how most of this month has been dreary sunless days I will take it.

What I will not take is the freezing, to your bone, makes you catch your breath when it hits you, is the main reason I hated living in Western NY cold as the arctic, wind. I mean seriously when you literally have to make yourself take a breath because it is so cold, that just isn’t right.

So in honor of this ridiculous cold weather, I have been trying to come up with some dinner ideas that will warm you from with in. I was going to go with usual chili, seeing as I saw re-run of PW (I haven’t tried her recipe yet, but think I might soon), and kinda have a hankering for chili, but the hubbs didn’t seem too keen on it so…I thought what do I have in freezer that needs to be used.

Well I noticed I have some thinly sliced steak, like the kind you make brasciole from. But I am not in the mood for red sauce with pasta brasciole, so I started thinking with what  I like to call my italian hillbilly mind. And I think I have a winner. It will be a brasciole but not in red sauce, and there will be scalloped (Grandma Short’s recipe) potatoes. I will be capturing the process tonight and posting it tomorrow hopefully or later tonight if I really get a wild hair (if you ain’t from below the Mason-Dixon line that means motivated).

So for now, bundle up, drink lots of coffee or in the kids case hot (rather warm) chocolate and have a great day!

Oh and this is great weather for working on my quilt. I am hand quilting it, and it is coming along (not as good as my mother would do but I am learning) I will take some pictures of it as well and share with you.

Stay warm! Enjoy!


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