Waking up to…

This morning we woke up to a beautiful site. About an inch of powdery snow fell last night. And the best part, the sun is shining, which seeing as we have not had the most sunny days lately was a nice treat.

I tried to capture the morning snow and rising sun, but like I have admitted before, my camera is not the best and well, I didn’t have on shoes so I wasn’t going to actually stand outside, so these were taken from my front porch.



I tried to get the sky, it is very sunny now.

Oh and here is one of the kids just because. Watching Saturday morning cartoons, G is eating her usual toaster strudel, or rather licking off the icing.


On another note, I do not think I have mentioned this before but I am hopeless at fashion. I do not know what is “hot” “happening”, what are the brands to have or not. I just buy clothes that I think do not make me look like a whale, are comfortable, and above all are cheap. So today when I took the kids over to Gigi’s house for a day (while I came back home to get some things done and have a minute of silence) she commented on my winter coat. Here it is…


Now see this label? Well apparently this company is very well known for their winter/ski coats. Gigi informed that they are really nice and expensive coats. Which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy because I got this coat from Kohl’s online at the end of the winter last year, clearance for like $30 or $40, I can’t remember exactly.

So thanks Gigi for making me feel good about a purchase and informing me that Free Country is a good brand of winter/ski coat.P1040809

I also wanted to let y’all know I morphed those scalloped potatoes I made the other night, from Italian Hillbilly post, into a sausage pepper hash last night. It was so good. Will have that for ya tomorrow, hopefully!



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