Crayola visit

This past Sunday we took a trip 45 minutes north to Easton, PA. We went to the Crayola Factory. At first we were leary, seeing as for this family it was going to cost $50 (we asked for AAA discount and only cost $42), but there isn’t much to do outside in the winter here in Eastern PA so we went.

We had an amazing time. We were there about 3 hours and did quit a lot of activities. We didn’t even do all that there was to do, I mean they have coloring/craft activities  galore. Here are some of the pictures I took while there.

First stop we used some of the tons of tokens they give you to get some crayola play-do, it was cool, you can color it.



Then on to the melted crayon painting. I am gonna figure out if I can do this at home.



They had a huge sidewalk but little chalk to use.


Neon glow pen that only wrote on the wall.


Dry erase car.

P1040824P1040823-and of course the little demonstration on how crayons are made, circa Mr. Rogers 198o-whatever. They gave the kids 2 colors a red and an orange, called Mac and cheese.


I did have a cool picture of the building with a box of crayons spilling out but it disappeared off the camera!

I still have that sausage scalloped tator dish coming soon.



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