chicken strawberry poppy seed salad

I have all these folders on my computer of pictures of food that I have made. Now as you know I am an admitted horrible blogger, as I break just about every “bloggie” rule I have seen. My main thing is just sitting down and doing it. So thus today while Casey is napping and Gina is watching Brave for the millionth time I thought I would look to see what I have.

I believe I made this for lunch back in the beginning of January, when the strawberries were just starting to come from Florida. But then again I could be mistaken about that. Anyway, it’s simple and delicious.


  • left over chicken breast chopped
  • bag of salad mix
  • 16 oz or so of strawberries
  • poppy seed dressing and left over balsamic dressing
  • feta cheese


Oh and Gina doesn’t have black and blue eyes, she was playing with some makeup eyeshadow she had received from Christmas.


I only had a little bit of both so I used them.



Here is gets really tricky, so watch carefully….

Put your greens in a bowl, top with chicken, strawberries (sliced if you like), feta cheese, dressing and mix well.



P1040762Here are the kids tasting…

P1040761P1040760Yes my children adore salads, they are weird but hey I will take it.

P1040757Bubba just chilling, sitting on sit and spin the wrong way and getting yelled at!

Options: Add in bacon, raisins, almonds, croutons, other vegetables, actual poppy seeds. I personally like it the next day when things are kinda wilty, but that is cause I am weird too. Guess my kids get it honest (southern saying).



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