1 year ago on the 11th

Well it has come to my attention that a year a go on March 11th I started this thing called a blog. I know I haven’t been the best at it, or the most kept up with it (that can’t be proper grammar). I had every intention of blogging more recipe posts, really I did, and still do. However, life just gets in the way. I forget to capture whatever it is I made for dinner or lunch or breakfast on camera. And lately haven’t been in the mood. I am trying to start spring cleaning, and to get over these winter blues, called Cabin Fever.

I will be posting my quilt soon, as I am 99.5% done, and am quit proud of it. Of course there are the spring planting in milk jugs again, and we will be taking more outings as spring is in the air and outside is the where. Sorry been reading too many Dr. Seuss books to Casey.

So for all that have “followed” this blog, I can’t promise that there will be more blogs on recipes, but I will try. I can’t promise I will blog on all the spring activities, but I will try. I can promise that whatever I do share, it is with all my gratitude that you choose/chose to even look to see what ever it is I put out there.

Here are some pics from a year ago for ya…..


Playing outside, soon we will be doing this again.P1020831


Pictures of my old fashioned iris, my Easter flowers are coming up, so soon pictures of those. And finally the picture that started this all, or rather the recipe that started it all….Spaghetti (Pizza) Eggs, posted on March 11, 2012.





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