Reubens and memories

Since tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day the grocery stores have all the “Irish” fair on sale. Now I decided to not make a boiled corn brisket this year, since I have a perfectly good, needs to be eaten chuck roast in fridge. But today I found myself going on an unexpected trip to the grocery store for Gator Aid and saltine crackers, as Casey boy has got a little stomach bug. So having given the weekly grocery store ads the once over I decided on a store, mostly because of the sale items.

I was craving a good Reuben sandwich (which usually is made after the corn beef brisket dinner with the leftovers) and decided to just buy some deli corned beef, some rye bread, swiss cheese, and sauerkraut. After getting home, and making the kids their soup (alphabet for Gina and some Disney cartoon for Casey) I made myself my sandwich. *OH did you know that they now make mini Saltine crackers in a box? I had to get them, and the kids thought they were “so cute”.

So here is my sandwich, and the reason the title says memories is because the first memory of having a sandwich like this is at my Uncle Ronnie’s house. I don’t know how old I was, but I remember sitting in his kitchen and him cooking this sandwich. We would often stop by his house for brunch after church on Sundays, as we had to drive right by his driveway. This was one of the many sandwiches he would make for my family and his wife and daughter, others were sausage biscuits with miracle whip and yellow mustard (don’t knock it till you try it) and Aunt Jo’s favorite, BLTs.

For this blog I am not doing the ingredients list, just step by step pictures for ya. You can handle it!

Rye Bread, swiss cheese, corned beef.


Warming up some canned sauerkraut, to be honest with you this is the reason I love Reuben sandwiches, not the 1000 Island dressing like everyone else. I pile on the kraut!


Dressing (my hubbs calls this Russian dressing, guess it’s a Philly thing) and butter for the bread.P1040915

Slather one piece of bread with butter pop in hot skillet top with cheese first so it melts and is ooey gooey good.P1040916

Top cheese with as many slices of corn beef as you wish.P1040917

Top that with as much kraut as you wish….mmmmm…..P1040918

Drizzle on dressing.P1040919

Top all with another buttered piece of bread. P1040920

Warm through, flip over to toast up other side, slice open and eat. I also put little dressing on side of my plate, cause I am a dipper!P1040921

You can make this with turkey, but this is the real deal. And my hubbs likes whats called a Rachel, which is creamy coleslaw instead of kraut.


P.S. Here is picture of Gina from last night, went to a Me and My guy dance for girls scouts. It was a 1980’s theme. She chose her clothes, I did hair, pretty proud of poof since with my curly short hair I didn’t really get to have one.

P1040909P1040910And her is Casey in the toilet box from couple weeks ago when the hubbs replaced their toilet.


Enjoy! Hope you get a visit from the lucky little Irish one!


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