And then there are the kids….

So haven’t posted anything really for a while, been busy. I don’t like when Easter is in March it throws my whole middle year off…having said all that we have done a couple things. Me and the kids, while the hubbs is at Fire fighter school on Saturdays, thought I would share some of them with you and Easter.


Easter Bunny visit at Casey’s preschool….

P1040938 P1040940

Saturday visit to Country Junction store in Lehighton, PA….it was cold….


Decorating Easter eggs…..

P1040965 P1040966

Easter morning…baskets from Grandma….one basket to share from Easter Bunny…..


Easter dinner with Hearn family in NJ….Great Grandma Hearn and cousin Emily….


Girl Scout trip to local diary farm…hayride….


Girls with cows being milked and farm Jimmy and his wife…..


Farmer Jimmy telling us where and how the milk goes from the cows…..


Uncle Richie and Casey taking pictures of the chickens… boy!!!!


After the farm visit we had Gigi over or her birthday dinner. I made The Pioneer Woman’s strawberry shortcake cake…. here is the link for the recipe, I used my cookbook, but it is the same…


Gina and I went to a Girl Scout function, a Mad Hatter Tea Party that an older girl troop (high schoolers) put on to raise money and to let the younger girls see that staying is Girl Scouts is cool….it was really neat….






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