10th Wedding Anniversary

This past Friday, August 30th the hubbs and I reached our 10 year wedding anniversary. We celebrated by dropping off the kiddos at his brother’s and sister in law’s house for a sleep over and then went to dinner.

We went to this restaurant called T. J. Smith’s, which I thought was a steak house type place but turns out was like a sports bar. Food was good, service was alright. Is definitely a place to meet up with friends, but not for intimate dinners.

Any who, I looked up what the “thing” for 10 year wedding is and it is tin. TIN? OK who ever came up with what is for which year, tin, seriously? So my sister in law said try and find like a lunch tin with like his childhood superhero (superman) but I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t ridiculously priced. So then I thought he needs a nice Pitt license plate for his car. Well that didn’t work either they were all ugly or plastic. So I settled on getting him Pitt car floor mats, so in winter his carpet doesn’t get ruined.


The hubbs got me these….


They are my birthstone (right February) and his birthstone (left October).


Our names are engraved on each one.

IMG_1308 And also the date we got married.

They are from a company called Red Envelope, here is their site….


I have already told him I would like one for each kid for Christmas. I think he did pretty good, it’s not diamonds, but hey still jewelry and he came up with it on his own!






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