Fall is near

This weekend we had some very fall like weather, cool nights, nice cool-ish days. So Friday night we decided to have a fire in our pit, but the real wood was just a little wet, so instead we decided to use one of the 3 fake logs I made the hubbs purchase like 3 years ago when we were expecting a blizzard.

The kids enjoyed it as did I and the hubbs, the log lasted just long enough for us, and there may have been some hot chocolate consumption.



The hubbs in his contemplative state…IMG_1339

The hubbs took this picture playing with my camera, trying to be artistic.






Me in my contemplation of the fire…


Casey was either arranging his toy animals or actually putting them away.


And Saturday was the first UF Gator football game I was able to watch, seeing as the first game was only televised down in Gator land. So as usual I made “snacky foods”…dogs in blankets, queso con sausage, chips, veggies and dip. And we took the now annual family Gator fan pictures…

First silly-ness had to be taken care of….






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