Summer is half way over.


So I know, I know! I haven’t kept up my semi-promise of blogging. And in my own defense, well darn it! I have been super busy with end of year stuff for the kids, girl scouts, and life. It is what it is.

However I thought I would take the like 2 minutes I have now to blog about what we have done so far.

School didn’t end here till June 20th (thank you mister winter) and Gina went straight into Girl Scout Day camp of which I do not have any pictures. But before school ended, we hit an Iron Pigs Baseball game, made a visit to Clarion, PA to Aunt Anna’s house, Gina did the first annual Bedminster Mud run, we had our annual Hearn cookout, went to Camden Aquarium, and got to meet the newest member of the Hearn family, cousin Annabelle Hearn!.

IMG_2605 IMG_2606 IMG_2624 IMG_2641 IMG_2648 IMG_2655 IMG_2679 IMG_2680 IMG_2745 IMG_2746 IMG_2760 IMG_2809 IMG_2816 IMG_2793


We celebrated 4th of July with good friends and then were off to Ocean City, NJ. Where the kids experienced a Jersey boardwalk for the first time. P1050805 P1050806 P1050834 P1050843 P1050844 P1050846 P1050849 P1050838 P1050851 P1050853

So that is our summer so far. We leave in 5 days for a 2 week trip down to Florida to visit with Papa and Grandma Mussano, Aunt Jaime, and some of my college friends (GO GATORS!).

Sorry don’t have any quick recipes but there is hope for them in the future!



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