I am an Italian hillbilly, born in the mountains of West Virginia where I learned about home cookin and living off the land from my hillbilly side. While also traveling to outside of Pittsburgh, Pa where I learned from my Noni (who was straight off the boat from Naples, Italy; she was one of the last groups of immigrants to be processed through Ellis Island) Italian cookin and gardening. I have lived from West Virginia to Pittsburgh, PA (Moon Twp to be exact near the airport) to Florida (outside of Tampa) where I attended the University of Florida GO GATORS!. Then I moved back up north to the ‘burgh then I moved way up north to a little town half way between Rochester and Buffalo called Le Roy (I said lee-roy they said ley-roy), which also happens to be where JELLO was invented (can you guess the first flavor?). Then I moved to outside of Philadelphia, PA to what is known is Bucks County (apparently if you are from this area that is all you need to say).

While living back in the ‘burgh I met my hubbs, we moved to NY together and got married up there. Since moving back to PA we have two children, Gina and Casey. I am a stay at home mom now, who loves to cook, is learning how to quilt, tries to garden, and tries to stay sane. I love cooking shows and most realty show only on TLC. I figure this is a way to help my friends and family stay in touch, learn some of my cooking concoctions, and laugh at me!


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