And then there are the kids….

So haven’t posted anything really for a while, been busy. I don’t like when Easter is in March it throws my whole middle year off…having said all that we have done a couple things. Me and the kids, while the hubbs is at Fire fighter school on Saturdays, thought I would share some of them with you and Easter.


Easter Bunny visit at Casey’s preschool….

P1040938 P1040940

Saturday visit to Country Junction store in Lehighton, PA….it was cold….


Decorating Easter eggs…..

P1040965 P1040966

Easter morning…baskets from Grandma….one basket to share from Easter Bunny…..


Easter dinner with Hearn family in NJ….Great Grandma Hearn and cousin Emily….


Girl Scout trip to local diary farm…hayride….


Girls with cows being milked and farm Jimmy and his wife…..


Farmer Jimmy telling us where and how the milk goes from the cows…..


Uncle Richie and Casey taking pictures of the chickens… boy!!!!


After the farm visit we had Gigi over or her birthday dinner. I made The Pioneer Woman’s strawberry shortcake cake…. here is the link for the recipe, I used my cookbook, but it is the same…


Gina and I went to a Girl Scout function, a Mad Hatter Tea Party that an older girl troop (high schoolers) put on to raise money and to let the younger girls see that staying is Girl Scouts is cool….it was really neat….






Red Cardinals and Root Beer Floats

I have been laxing on this blogging thing as of late. To be honest at the end of the day I just don’t have the energy or want to blog. I know this is like death in the blog world, but hey I didn’t start this thing to win awards or anything.

Having said that I have had some pictures on the camera for a while that I thought I would share with ya. I actually also do have two recipes but we shall see if i get them done today or not.

It is still winter here (calling for 1-3 inches of snow over night tonight) and that means few birds, except what my Grandma always called the winter birds.

These are cardinals, blue jays, and other little birds that don’t  fly south. Gina and I got a nice bird feeder from the tractor supply store a month or so ago and boy has it attracted the birds, or rather the feed in it has. The other day I saw these two fat male cardinals and had to get a picture of them, because their color was so loud compared to the blah of everything else in a winter state.

P1040840P1040839P1040838Now how many of you know which state that the cardinal is the state bird?


I will give you a minute to think…..

If you guessed or knew West Virginia you would be CORRECT!

Now you are wondering what do these cardinals and root beer floats have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing, with the excpetion of they were both here recently.

My Aunt Linda (who lives in Texas) ordered cookies from Gina for Girl Scouts and told me that her husband, Uncle Bill said to buy the kids some root beer. So I did and we had some leftover ice cream, vanilla, and well one of the few things my father ever made for my brother and me to eat were root beer floats.

So here are some pictures of them having root beer floats, which Uncle Bill told me to buy and which Aunt Linda provided the funds for…..

P1040843P1040846P1040844P1040845P1040847Need less to say it went over well.


Waking up to…

This morning we woke up to a beautiful site. About an inch of powdery snow fell last night. And the best part, the sun is shining, which seeing as we have not had the most sunny days lately was a nice treat.

I tried to capture the morning snow and rising sun, but like I have admitted before, my camera is not the best and well, I didn’t have on shoes so I wasn’t going to actually stand outside, so these were taken from my front porch.



I tried to get the sky, it is very sunny now.

Oh and here is one of the kids just because. Watching Saturday morning cartoons, G is eating her usual toaster strudel, or rather licking off the icing.


On another note, I do not think I have mentioned this before but I am hopeless at fashion. I do not know what is “hot” “happening”, what are the brands to have or not. I just buy clothes that I think do not make me look like a whale, are comfortable, and above all are cheap. So today when I took the kids over to Gigi’s house for a day (while I came back home to get some things done and have a minute of silence) she commented on my winter coat. Here it is…


Now see this label? Well apparently this company is very well known for their winter/ski coats. Gigi informed that they are really nice and expensive coats. Which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy because I got this coat from Kohl’s online at the end of the winter last year, clearance for like $30 or $40, I can’t remember exactly.

So thanks Gigi for making me feel good about a purchase and informing me that Free Country is a good brand of winter/ski coat.P1040809

I also wanted to let y’all know I morphed those scalloped potatoes I made the other night, from Italian Hillbilly post, into a sausage pepper hash last night. It was so good. Will have that for ya tomorrow, hopefully!


Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Here are some pictures if Indian girl Gina and her brother Casey. Today is her class thanksgiving feast of cornbread, popcorn, and fruit salad. Each child gave a can or piece or jar of fruit. Gina gave a jar of maraschino cherries.

And this is a picture of me in 4th or 5th grade as an Indian. I also have one as a pilgrim girl. Grandma is gonna have to make a pilgrim out fit for Gina!!!

I have some wheat free recipes coming and a variation of a Pioneer Woman Cajun chicken pasta dish I made last night.



Good bye warm weather…

It is officially fall here in eastern PA. Gloomy days, cool temperatures, no leaves on trees. But a month or so ago we still had warmer weather and I realized I have not shared our outing to a local playground. So to warm your heart here are the kiddos frolicking on a playground.

I see you!

I can do that too!

I am monkey boy! See me climb!

See I made it!


Halloween treats

So due to hurricane Sandy trick or treat around these parts was a little strange. Most towns rescheduled them and for us, well Brian took the kids to his brother’s house (town about 20 minutes away) for trick or treat during the day.

He said that there were hardly any kids out and any one home, but somehow they managed to bring home two large zip lock bags full of candy and treats. And he thought it strange that it was in the middle of the afternoon.

Anyway thought I would post some pics of my Snow White Zombie and Ghost. (yes she thought of it herself and yes I made the ghost costume, frugal mom that’s me!)


Our now annual pajama picture taken after we carve the pumpkins pic.

At Casey’s preschool Halloween party (Gina got to go because she didn’t have school all week due to the storm).

The full regalia! Brian did this makeup as I was in Pittsburgh!

  Trick or Treat!


I hope everyone was safe and enjoyed their Halloween however you had to have it!


Lazy Laundry

Today in Eastern PA, upper Bucks county it is a sunny and warm and glorious Wednesday (how many of you sound out wed-ne-sday, you know you do). OH, and in my household it also means LAUNDRY. Yep so on this lazy laundry day I have been sorting laundry, washing laundry, drying laundry, folding laundry, and ironing what needs to be ironed of the laundry. Plus all the other glorious things I get to do daily, like breaking up Casey and Gina fighting, telling them to stop yelling, getting Bubba a “dwink please”, getting Gina a snack, then telling her 5 minutes later no you just had a snack.

So yeah, as you can see it’s a lazy laundry day.

By the way I actually do enjoy doing laundry, I hide myself in my little yellow, but still cute and tasteful, laundry/mud room and meticulously fold the clothes. And yes I do admit that I am neurotic about folding clothes but hey every one has their quirks, right?

So while I have been just laying around on this lazy day I took some pics of the kiddos and the foliage, and this pink popcorn looking bloom on a tree in the backyard.

Casey doing his “homework” while Gina was doing her’s, he was drawing people but you can’t really see because it’s a pink pencil.

If anyone knows what the heck this is, please let me know. It looks like pink popcorn. Sorta looks like a cherry blossom as well, but more solid, I have never seen it before.

And here is Dorothy the masked princess walking on the grey brick road. And her trusty sidekick, Bubba the camouflage munchkin.

Oh yeah, I forgot! During my laziness I started to rake up leaves in the backyard, and jumping and sliding into them ensued.

Up next part of our lunch today, apple peanut butter sandwiches!



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