Fire school and more

Brian and his youngest brother, Kevin, completed fire fighter school earlier in August. We had a party celebrating their accomplishment with friends and family. I thought I would share some of the photos from the party.

These first few pictures are from their actual graduation ceremony.


Can you see me through the flags?


Kevin lives in a different tow, hence different fire house, hence hence (I know that isn’t correct but was fun anyway) different “dress uniforms”.


All of us that were there.IMG_1217





Now these pictures are from the party held at Kevin and Karen’s house a few days later.

I did bake and decorate this cake, the fire/hat/hose picture is a fondant peal and stick I bought online. I am good but I ain’t that good. The fire hydrant, hat, dog, and boots are candles.IMG_1237

The fire hydrant is a bank I got while in Florida, the yellow hat is one of two of their father’s.IMG_1241

Posters Gina and Casey made.

IMG_1242 IMG_1243 IMG_1244 IMG_1247

people partying and eating and drinking….

IMG_1248 IMG_1249 IMG_1250 IMG_1251 IMG_1252 IMG_1253 IMG_1254 IMG_1255

Ice cream cake from DQ! IMG_1257

opening gifts ….IMG_1259

Four generations of Hearn/Fitzgerald firemen. from Top left their father, top right their great grandfather Fitizgerald, bottom left Grandfather Hearn, bottom right Brian & Kevin. They both were given this from their Uncle Mike, Aunt Joan, photos were supplied from Grandmother Hearn and Uncle Eddie Hearn.IMG_1262 IMG_1265 IMG_1266 IMG_1268 IMG_1269

Kids Cake and ice cream…nough said.IMG_1271 IMG_1273 IMG_1274

These flowers were my thank you gift from my grateful hubbs for putting up with 8 months of not being here on Saturdays….

IMG_1277 Enjoy!!!


New year and memories…

As I sit here drinking my coffee, I look outside my cousin’s windowand see these mountians where I spent my childhood. I remember and smile. Tonight is my mother’s family Christmas party, which will have more attendents than originally planned, due to Grandma’s funeral yesterday (which was just as it should have been, a celebration of her life). ┬áMy parents, brother, andsister in law now get to party with us, or in reality eat, drink, and laugh a lot.

My cousin, Prudence (it is a family name and would be mine had she not been born 10 years before me), is hosting this annual event, and as she also had it last year she keptposession of the family albums. Of which I put together a few years back, and I have resolved to take back up as a project this year. Here area few jems from the first familybparties, back in early 1980s.




I have been pondering new year resolutions, andwell herebis what I have comeup with…

  1. Try and expand my wheat free cooking menu
  2. Spend at least 3 days doing pilates, in addition to my gym workout
  3. Admit defeat in my quest to be a size well a size I won’t be, and just invest in stock and product of Spanx!

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