I got flocked….

My kids woke me up yesterday morning because they were standing at the window outside my bedroom. This is not what made me get out of bed (besides the fact that it was time to get up), it was what I heard them saying. “What is all that in our yard, what is that white thing, where did it come from”.?

This is what they were looking at…..




Those that know me know I love pink flamingos, they are always my theme/center piece for our summer BBQ/cookout. And I love the flocking part too! So of course I think this is absolutely stinkin’ adorable!

I had the kids count how many flamingos were there and there are 25, so I guess I am turning 25 (instead of the 36 I really am) double yeah for me!

So thank you to my brother in law Richie (& Drew), who always comes up with unique and fun gifts for all of us in the family.

Oh, and FYI I am hittin’ the Cheese Cake Factory for dinner tonight for my birthday (Brian doesn’t do cheese cake so it’s all for me!!! and I might share with the kids)



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